Who We Are » Constitution

Article I. Name
This organization shall be known as Khmer Alumni Association.

Article II. Mission
The Khmer Alumni Association’s (KAA)  mission is to promote the empowerment, success, and sustained engagement of alumni from Khmer student organizations as well as professionals in the Cambodian American community.
We achieve our mission by implementing programs that support three areas of focus: Alumni Networking, Khmer Student Organization Involvement, and Community Support.

Article III. Membership
A. Membership of the Khmer Alumni Association is open to everyone.
B. No person will be denied membership based on race, sex, age, color, religion, sexual orientation or physical/mental handicaps.
C. There are currently no membership fees
D. Representation
i. Advisory Board
ii. Committee Members
iii. Voting Members
iv. Non-voting Members

Article IV. Advisory Board
Section 1 Advisors
The Advisory Board consists of five members who carry out the logistics of the Khmer Alumni Association.

Section 2 Advisor Roles and Responsibilities
A. Enforce the Constitution of the Khmer Alumni Association
B. Preside over all Khmer Alumni Association meetings with an impartial demeanor.
C. Represent Khmer Alumni Association on all public relations and official functions.
D. Maintain all applicable Calendars and Web information.
E. Prepare and post agenda and minutes of each meeting, Email updated minutes to club members following each meeting
F. Membership: Maintain accurate attendance and activity/event records including all club correspondence (Email, Facebook, Website)
G. Finances
H. Maintain the (Group) club website, email, and Facebook.
I. Maintain all applicable Calendars and Web information.

Section 3 Terms of Office
One term of office for each advisory board member shall be one year (July-June), with no limit imposed on the number of terms.

Section 4 Vacancy
If a vacancy exists for any position, then a special election shall be held for the vacant position. In the interim then succession of office will be used to fill the position until elections are held for that position.

Section 5 Impeachment
A. Grounds for impeachment
i. Abuse of powers
ii. Failure to fulfill  the duties of office
B. Process
i. An closed quorum will first be conducted. A decision based on the majority vote will be casted. Should there be a tie, the voting shall proceed to an open quorum

Article V. Meetings
Section 1 Quorum
A meeting shall be declared to have a quorum if a simple majority of the advisory board and voting membership is present.
(quorum: the majority of members of a group or organization required to present to transact business legally)

Section 2 Advisory Board
The Advisory Board shall meet at least once a month in addition to the monthly club meetings.

Section 3 Club Meetings
Meetings shall be held monthly and in an as needed basis.

Article VI. Elections
Section 1 Voting
A. Votes shall be taken during a meeting that has declared a quorum.
B. Only voting members may vote on club issues.

Section 2 Advisors Elections
A. A majority shall be 1/2 +1 of the membership vote
B. Election timeline:
i. April – Nominations
ii. May – Elections and Voting
iii. June – Transition Phase
iv. July – Term begins
C. The person with the most votes will be declared the elected advisor

Article VII. New Advisors
New advisors when elected shall work with outgoing advisors to learn the skills needed to take over the advisory board. New advisors shall assume full duties at the last official meeting of the year in June.

Article VIII. Amendment
Amendments to the Constitution of the Khmer Alumni Association must be tabled for discussion for a minimum of one month, and then votes will be taken on all new amendments. Amendments will be ratified by the approval of the majority of members in a meeting that has declared a quorum.

Article IX. Ratification
This Constitution of the Khmer Alumni Association is hereby unanimously ratified by the membership on this the (date).

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