KAA is proud to help student organizations sustain itself so that it can pursue its mission. Our alumni association offers years of experience, expertise, and resources for student organizations. In addition, we make it a goal to be the bridge between student organizations and the community. Below are some helpful resources.

Khmer Student Coalition

The present-day Khmer Student Coalition (KSC) is a Cambodian Student Network system amongst Universities & Colleges in California and throughout the U.S. Collectively we make a strong networking system. KSC serves as an effective support group that brings together each individual club that will aid and unify the Cambodian student community. Each year, Cambodian student organizations have organized and gathered at different college campuses across the state of California to network and discuss the many issues facing the Cambodian and Cambodian American community.

Cambodian American students across the country have been organizing for years, dating as far back as 1980. Their efforts and accomplishments left footprints that helped pave the way for future student leaders to continue to collaborate and work towards creating a space for us to learn, explore, and grow. To learn more, click here.


Student Resource Manual

In an effort to help student organizations sustain itself and to provide a guideline for new organizations, the Student Resource Manual was developed. Members from our Advisory Board and Association helped to put together a Student Resource Manual for the 2011 Khmer Student Coalition Conference hosted by United Khmer Students at UCLA and The Cambodian Family. You can download the guide here.