Apply to be a KAAMP Mentor 2016-2017


Apply to become a mentor!


The Khmer Alumni Association Mentorship Program (KAAMP) pairs up a high school or college student with a mentor for six months from January to June 2016. Throughout this relationship, mentoring will be provided via online at least once a month to discuss any questions, comments, or concerns regarding academics, career choices, or any life decisions.


The purpose of KAA’s Mentorship Program (KAAMP) is to provide one-on-one guidance and support for students in the Cambodian American community. By doing so, KAA aims to promote enriching knowledge, professional development, experience and relationships that will help empower Cambodian students to succeed in their academic/career success, individual goals and lives thereafter.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are members of the Khmer Alumni Association (KAA) who have applied and will be paired with a student based on the student’s interests and goals. They are college graduates with professional experience and the desire to help the next generation of Cambodian Americans.

Mentors will be notified a week prior if they are paired up with a mentee in KAAMP!